2-day foundations workshop

Get trained and activated for the Kingdom of God!


Are you ready to grow in your relationship with God & prepare your community for the Lord's return?

As disciples and followers of Christ, we need to have a solid foundation that we do not compromise. This foundation will lead to a surrender and obedience to our Master King Jesus. Without this foundation, we hear and read the Word, but have problems obeying it. When we have a good foundation, we can obey Him and when the storm comes, the house will stand.
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What you will learn

Traditional Christian or Disciple?

Learn what Jesus Christ is calling us to and how to enter into an adventurous relationship with the Creator. God has called us to bigger things than just sit in the pews every Sunday! Hear from speakers who were led across the country and seen God do amazing things in the hearts of thousands of people.

Produce fruit

Jesus promised that if we abide in Him, we will bear fruit. Learn how to abide in Christ for fruit of righteousness, love, signs and wonders, and most importantly souls being won for the Kingdom of God.

Foundations of our faith

In today's age, we want to go onto maturity and perfect but yet somehow we are not able to. Why is this the case? We believe it's because most church-goers today actually were never trained in the elementary principles of our faith. Receive an unshakeable foundation to grow on!

Community life

What does it mean to be part of the body of Christ and what does it look like to live in unity with God's people as a community.


Friday, Sep 15th, 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, Sep 16th, 11am - 9pm


1420 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg


Cost is free


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Let's Follow Christ Together.
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