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Prophetic Warning to Winkler

The Lord Jesus Christ is calling those who are lukewarm to repentance. He wants believers to remain faithful and to obey His commands. To turn away from the commandments of men and to turn to the Word of God, which is to be fulfilled by every believer.

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How the Anointing Works In the New Covenant

Can you do the same works as Jesus Christ and the apostles? Learn what the anointing through the Holy Spirit is and how you can use it.

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Who Can Cast Out Demons?

Unfortunately, today not many churches are teaching about deliverance. It was a regular and significant part of Jesus’ ministry and the early church. What does the Word say about it?

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Religious Shame: Are You Affected?

Religious shame is unfortunately deeply ingrained in many people's hearts. In this post, we'll examine symptoms of religious shame and how you should deal with it. There is freedom!

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Baptism Is More Than a Symbol

Are you curious about what the Bible says about baptism and how that compares to what you would hear from most pastors? The difference might shock you.

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Are you multiplying?

As a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, multiplication is a big part of our walk with Him. It comes in many shapes and forms so we've written a short article to get you thinking about making disciples who make disciples.

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