making disciples that
follow christ.

Preach the gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives and heal the sick. 

What we do

We help disciples prepare their communities for the Lord's return by sharing, advancing and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Discipleship Making

The core of what we do is get people to fully surrender their life to Jesus and obey His commands. The emphasis is not on growing an ever increasingly large church, but in multiplying small groups of disciples who make disciples.

Disciple Discovery Groups

An 8-week Bible Study where the foundations of the faith are laid down. It's a practical and hands-on experience to get believers or unbelievers to follow Christ.

Home churches

We plant new covenant-based house churches that are focused on fellowship with one another and with the head who is Christ.

equipping the body

We prepare saints for the work of ministry on how to minister to the lost, multiply disciples, turn them into house churches and obey the Lord.

intercession & Deliverance

We intercede for the body of Christ worldwide and help deliver people from bondage of the enemy.

Our vision

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is calling the body into a deeper relationship with Him. To forsake the things of the world and completely focus on Him. Jesus Christ is coming back for a bride without spot and wrinkles - He is calling His children to completely surrender and walk in obedience to Him in this end-time movement. To be washed by His blood and not by rules made by men.

The days of lukewarm Christianity and performing religious duties are passing by and the Lord is rebuilding His temple that is made up out of living stones. The question is, who is going to go and help Him rebuild? The answer is His faithful bride who has surrendered everything for the sake of Christ and has a love-sick devotion towards the Bridegroom.

While the world is in despair, true disciples of Christ will rise up to preach the Gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and heal the sick. The focus will be on a Maranatha cry to speed up the return of our Lord. Yes - darkness will increase, wickedness will be on the rise, but God is calling up His body to shine the light because the darkness will not overcome the Light.

Our goal is simple. We make disciples and Jesus Christ builds His Church.

Saints must be equipped, trained, and sent out into the harvest fields to prepare for the end of all things.

These disciples that the Lord is sending out will change communities, cities and nations. As you receive the love of Jesus Christ through His Spirit, we want your heart to be transformed. This way you will lay down your life for Him and obey His commands.
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Our Lord is coming!


Is this a church?

No and yes. The Great Harvest is an end-time movement giving disciples the resources they need to follow Christ and lay foundations. We believe that disciples of Jesus make up the temple of God as living stones. We gather regularly in homes as well as public places, the person of Jesus Christ is the centre of everything we do. The essence of who we are is rooted in knowing Him and sharing Him with others. Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples through a network of "organic house-churches" with a shared vision, mission, and resources. We strive to build spiritual families of disciples, where people are actively involved in one another's lives. Jesus is represented here in character, love, faith, hope, and in power.

Where do you gather?

We have fellowships running across Canada all the way from the East to the West. If you are looking for fellowship, we ask that you reach out to us so you can be plugged into an existing fellowship or establish a new one.

How can I participate?

You are welcome to join us if you have an ear to hear and eyes to see. If you desire the Lord to work through you and become a disciple of His, we encourage you to reach out to us and participate in our 8-week Disciple Discovery Group where we lay foundations to live the life of a disciple.

What do you believe in?

We believe in the New Covenant and that every Christian, is called to be a disciple of Christ. We submit to Him who is the Head of the body. The Word of God is our doctrinal standard and the book of Acts and Gospel show us how a disciple is born and the epistles show us how to live out our faith in Christ as a born-again believer. 
Let's Follow Christ Together.
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