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Our Mission

Preparing people for the return of Christ.

We are sojourners passing through this age. We are called to live this life in the light of the age to come, storing for us treasures in heaven. The return of Christ is the anchor of our souls and what strengthens the church to be eternally focused.

What we do

There's a harvest coming,
will you partner with Jesus?

We see a people sold out to Christ, living for His purpose and keeping their eye focused on the Day.
We are steadfast in our desire to see a people wholly devoted to Christ and His body, rooted firmly in the unshakeable foundation that the prophets and apostles laid. Living our lives in obedience to God, untethered by the chains of religion or man-made traditions, eagerly anticipating the return of Christ. The early-church model starkly contrasts with what modern Christianity presents today - thus we are resolute in our mission to resurrect the gospel of the kingdom back to the forefront, living it out in all its profound simplicity.

For too long, we have emphasized strategies, numerical values, and traditions that are nowhere to be found in the Word and a Church that is weak and looking for a quick escape route out of this earth. God made the earth and told us to have dominion; He wants the righteous to inherit the earth. The problem is that the authority from the righteous has shifted to the ruler of darkness, our enemy. Very soon, Christ will return to defeat Satan and put the rulership back into the hands of the righteous, with Christ reigning as King. Until this time of restoration of all things, we want to prepare communities for His return.

Watch this alarming message to the church in the West.

  • Shift from traditions and doctrines of man to an authentic faith built on the Rock.
  • Simple faith living for the return of Christ.
  • Instead of controlling people we must equip them.
  • Built on the foundation given by the apostles and prophets.
  • Relationships over numerical values.
  • Authentic Christian lives being the light wherever they go.

Nurturing resilient, peculiar, committed and growing churches.

Trainings We Offer

Foundations Training

Get rooted in the foundation of the faith & the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Disciple Training

Lay down your life and impact people with the gospel. Learn to walk like Christ walked.

Organic Ekklesia

Learn to live in community, cultivating Christ in a church family, and meeting as the body of Christ.

Kingdom of God

Is the Kingdom here? What and where is the Kingdom of God? Learn about the coming Kingdom and how it plays into eschatology.

Digital Impact

Want to impact lives through online media? Learn about how to utilize digital media to impact others.


If there is something else you're looking for, reach out and let's discover how we can help.
  • Equip leaders and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Assist in establishing churches and fellowships.
  • Facilitate the functioning of spiritual gifts in churches without disrupting culture.
  • Help address leadership and foundational issues
  • Impart a disciple-making culture and church practices according to apostolic patterns.
  • Send disciples to communities for gospel outreach and lay foundations.

"The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Luk 10:2

modern solutions for old problems

Build communities, publish resources and, empower disciples.


In today's age, we're surrounded by a digital world that feeds us information. We leverage digital strategies to educate our readers on the gospel of the kingdom, ecclesiology, and eschatology. We also extend our expertise and services to fellow ministries seeking to navigate the digital landscape.


We are not meant to live this life alone. As disciples, we are encouraged to live in community and commit to each other. We are part of various networks of churches worldwide and can assist disciples in connecting with existing churches or establishing new ones in their area.


We are committed to developing resources, conducting training, establishing new initiatives, and building on the foundations laid by prophets and apostles. We offer various resources for collaboration, including our free online content and in-person events.

What We Believe

Through faith, we gain access to grace, which empowers us to walk in the works God has given us. We embrace godliness and self-control while eagerly anticipating Christ's return.

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who we are

May your kingdom come, your will be done.

The Great Harvest was born from a burden God placed on me for the church in 2019. Although I didn't fully grasp the vision God was instilling in my heart, I began to take steps of obedience, hoping for growing clarity. When God called me to ministry, He assigned two specific tasks for the ministry: 1) Preparing people for His return. 2) Laying foundations. At that time, my understanding of both of those tasks was vague and incorrect, but as God began to guide me, my comprehension grew and became clearer.I understand that we aren't the ones building His church - Christ is. Yet, in His majesty, He wishes to co-labor with us. The church needs to be trained, stripped off man-made ideas and submit to the headship of Christ. We want the saints to be in a loving relationship with God, and preach the gospel of the kingdom. We need to go back to a Biblical understanding of the gospel and what it means to follow Christ keeping His eternal purpose in mind.

These two tasks are what God communicated to be the responsibilities of The Great Harvest, and it was out of these two burdens that the ministry was birthed.

Since then, we've hosted events nationwide, initiated digital missions, and established new endeavors such as church planting, disciple-making, and equipping saints for ministry.

Would you like to join our team? Send us a message! We're seeking more digital creators, teachers, and disciple-makers.
Patrick Benske

Let's Follow Christ Together

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