called to

preparing communitiesfor the Lord's return.

We are an end-time movement to help ordinary disciples prepare their communities for the Lord's return.

how we do it

We help disciples prepare their communities for the Lord's return by laying Biblical foundations and building a temple consisting of living stones.

Discipleship Making

The core of what we do is get people to fully surrender their life to Jesus and obey His commands. The emphasis is not on growing an ever increasingly large church, but in multiplying groups of disciples who follow Christ.

church planting

We plant new covenant-based ekklesia's that represent the Lord Jesus Christ in their area and community. They focus on fellowship with one another, communion, prayer, teaching and obeying the commands of Christ.

foundations of the faith

Our foundation training is the cornerstone of the ministry because without a foundation, we cannot endure to the end and obey Christ in the things He is calling us to. Invite us to lay a solid foundation in your church or start a new work in your area.

equipping & teaching

We prepare saints for the work of ministry so the entire body can be built and called into the grace and gifts given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

intercession & Deliverance

We intercede for the body of Christ worldwide and help deliver people from bondage of the enemy.

gospel partners

Other trusted ministries we have partnered with.

Our vision

We want to see a people that are surrendered to the Head and to the Body, built on a strong foundation which is Christ. Living out the Gospel in boldness and boldness without the shackles of religion.

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