making disciples that
follow christ.

Preach the gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives and heal the sick. 

What we do

We help disciples prepare their communities for the Lord's return by sharing, advancing and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Discipleship Making

The core of what we do is get people to fully surrender their life to Jesus and obey His commands. The emphasis is not on growing an ever increasingly large church, but in multiplying groups of disciples who imitate Christ.

Disciple Discovery Groups

An 8-week Bible Study where the foundations of the faith are laid down. It's a practical and hands-on experience to get believers or unbelievers to follow Christ.

Home churches

We plant new covenant-based house churches that are focused on fellowship with one another and with the head who is Christ.

equipping the body

We prepare saints for the work of ministry on how to minister to the lost, multiply disciples, turn them into house churches and obey the Lord.

intercession & Deliverance

We intercede for the body of Christ worldwide and help deliver people from bondage of the enemy.

Our vision

Jesus calls us to a deeper relationship with Him, forsaking the world and focusing on His return. He seeks a bride without spot and wrinkles, calling us to surrender and obey. The days of lukewarm Christianity are passing and He is rebuilding His temple from living stones.

While the world is in despair, disciples of Christ will rise to preach the Gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom, and heal the sick. A Maranatha cry will accompany the return of our Lord as darkness increases. God calls His body to shine the light; darkness will not overcome the Light.

Maranatha is a Hebrew word meaning "Come Lord". We can use this to ask God to return soon and bring His justice and peace. It can also be a reminder to live out His will, to be a light for the world and glorify His name.

It's like a lighthouse in the darkness, guiding us to follow His call and to strive for righteousness, no matter the cost.

Our goal is simple. We make disciples and Jesus Christ builds His Church. Saints must be equipped, trained, and sent out into the harvest fields to prepare for the end of all things.
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come, lord jesus.

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Prophetic Warning to Winkler

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How the Anointing Works In the New Covenant

Can you do the same works as Jesus Christ and the apostles? Learn what the anointing through the Holy Spirit is and how you can use it.

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Who Can Cast Out Demons?

Unfortunately, today not many churches are teaching about deliverance. It was a regular and significant part of Jesus’ ministry and the early church. What does the Word say about it?

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