Called to

Prepare For The Lord's Return.

We are an end-time movement helping ordinary disciples prepare their communities for the Lord's return.

Are You Ready For The Great Harvest?

For the wheat and the tares shall grow together till the end of this age, unto a resurrection of the dead resulting in a great harvest. For Christ has risen from the dead, and become the first-fruits of many that will come into eternal glory.

Our Vision

Going back to an apostolic foundation.

We are steadfast in our desire to see a people wholly devoted to Christ and His body, rooted firmly in the unshakeable foundation that the prophets and apostles laid. Living our lives in obedience to God, untethered by the chains of religion or man-made traditions, eagerly anticipating the return of Christ. The early-church model starkly contrasts with what modern Christianity presents today - thus we are resolute in our mission to resurrect the gospel of the kingdom back to the forefront, living it out in all its profound simplicity.
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How We Do It

On a global mission to transform lives.

We do this by laying foundations, and rebuilding the temple according to New Testament apostolic patterns.

effective Discipleship

The core of what we do is get people to fully surrender their life to Jesus and obey His commands. The emphasis is not on growing an ever increasingly large church, but in multiplying groups of disciples who follow Christ and wait on His return.

Equipping & Teaching

We prepare saints for the work of ministry so the entire body can be built and called into the grace and gifts given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Laying Foundations

Our foundation training is the cornerstone of the ministry because without a foundation, we cannot endure to the end and obey Christ in the things He is calling us to. Invite us to lay a solid foundation in your church or start a new work in your area.

Church Planting

We plant new covenant-based ekklesia's that represent the Lord Jesus Christ in their area. They focus on fellowship with one another, communion, prayer, teaching and obeying the commands of Christ.

Gospel Partners

Our thoughts


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modern solutions for old problems

Build communities, publish resources and, empower disciples.


In today's age, we're surrounded by a digital world that feeds us information. We leverage digital strategies to educate our readers on the gospel of the kingdom, ecclesiology, and eschatology. We also extend our expertise and services to fellow ministries seeking to navigate the digital landscape.


We are not meant to live this life alone. As disciples, we are encouraged to live in community and commit to each other. We are part of various networks of churches worldwide and can assist disciples in connecting with existing churches or establishing new ones in their area.


We are committed to developing resources, conducting training, establishing new initiatives, and building on the foundations laid by prophets and apostles. We offer various resources for collaboration, including our free online content and in-person events.

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